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Sample Bio Article Summary: Rinder, Fritz and Lilly

Pastor, Musician

Fritz Rinder was born to the family of August and Johanna Rinder on October 19, 1897, in Angerburg, East Prussia. The year before Fritz was born, his parents got in contact with Adventists through a literature evangelist who had introduced the Herold der Wahrheit (Herald of Truth) magazine to them. They were baptized at the end of April 1897. In 1912, Fritz was baptized as an Adventist. In January 1922, Fritz began his pastoral training at the mission school in Friedensau. After completing his training in 1926, Fritz returned to East Prussia. He began working as an assistant pastor, presumably in Danzig. That same year, while in Friedensau, he was married to Luise, called Lilly, née Sieling. His wife was also musically gifted and had attended a music program. Together, they formed a music ministry in their home where teens trooped to for their music and song nights. From 1935 onwards, he worked in the districts of Rastenburg (today’s Kętrzyn), Rhein, Stürlak, and Sensburg. In 1939 he went to work in Wittenberge (a town in today’s federal state of Brandenburg).

As music ministers, Fritz and Lilly Rinder were instrumental in the affective life of their denomination. They organized music festivals and events that attracted young German Adventists. Fritz Rinder's service to the society as councilor, and his work in the German peace movements demonstrates that Rinder had a holistic view of his calling. He did not focus on internal church activities alone. His ministry spanned to engagement in meaningful activities that contributed to a collective effort for peace and rehabilitation for a society that had experienced severe war.

The family of Fritz and Lilly Rinder



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