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On this page, you will find answers to a variety of "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) on different topics. The questions are listed in alphabetical order of keywords pertaining to the questions.

Articles Selection:  What articles will be included in the new Encyclopedia?
The Encyclopedia is intended to be the "go-to" source for all information relating to the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Thus it should be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. The initial list of articles is compiled by the Regional Editors for each Division and the subject matter Thematic Editors, in consultation General Conference ESDA Editorial Board and the Union-level Associate Editors. To ensure adequate coverage, we also encourage suggestions and input from church members and informed individuals, as the intended audience of the Encyclopedia includes both people from within as well as without the church organization. However, to ensure consistency and balance, and to eliminate redundancy, all suggestions will be reviewed by the GC ESDA Editorial Board, which includes representation from Consulting Editors from all world Divisions. 

Articles Submission:  How do authors submit their manuscripts?
Every author will be required to register with the Document Tracking Systems (DTS) provided by the General Conference. Before writing begins, authors will sign a contract with the Encyclopedia Editorial Committee using the DTS, which will specify the article length and submission due date.  The Regional Editor and Union-level Associate Editors will be in contact with each author throughout the writing process to offer assistance where needed. When the article is ready, authors may submit their manuscripts to the Regional Editor, who will arrange for blind reviews. Feedback will be provided to the author. Authors will be given the opportunity to respond to the reviewer's comments and update the article where appropriate. Once the article is in its final form, authors may submit the final article to the Regional Editor.

Biography: Whose biography will be included in the new ESDA?
Only individuals who had made significant contributions to the church/Adventist movement and who are deceased will have their biographies included in this edition of the new Encyclopedia. Living retired church leaders will not have a biographical entry in this edition of the new Encyclopedia.

Biography: How will the contributions of women be recognized in the new ESDA?
In the past, only single women have a biographical entry in the Encyclopedia. Missionaries' wives are often neglected or simply referred to as Mrs. XXX without mentioning their own name or acknowledging their own contributions to the mission field or the church. The Editorial Committee wish to more prominently acknowledge the important contributions of women in the church or the mission field. For example, the wives of missionaries will at least have their own name formally listed in the title of the relevant biographical article alongside their husband's names, and brief descriptions in the body of the text are made to describe their roles in the mission field. If a woman had made significant independent contributions to the church, a separate article should be written.

CAU (CHURCH ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT): If a CAU has changed the name over the years, which name will be used as the primary article title?
The latest name will be used as the article title. All other names will be regards as "redirects", meaning that if a reader enters one of the other names as a "search term", the ESDA will redirect the reader to the same article with the primary title.

Educational Institutions: Which school will be included?
Not every school will have an entry in the Encyclopedia, for there will be too many articles. Generally speaking, elementary schools will not be included, unless it is or was "mission significant", meaning that its existence is critical to church mission in that region. A secondary school or academy will be included only if it is either of a "significant size" (say, >500 enrollment) or "mission significant" in that region. All tertiary institutions, vocational or worker training schools will be automatically included.

Region: Which country/region/territory will have a separate article in the ESDA?
A country, region, or territory will have a separate article only if it satisfies one or more of these criteria:

  • It is a separate political "country".

  • If that country/region/territory is "Missionally" significant to the Adventist Church.

  • If it can be demonstrated that potential ESDA readers are interested in finding out information about that entity.

Review: How will the articles be reviewed?
Every article (manuscript), except the very short ones, will be blindly reviewed by one, two or more reviewers to ensure quality and style consistency. Feedback will be provided to the author for further revision if necessary.  Articles that meet this quality assurance process will be accepted as entries to the Encyclopedia.



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